Finest Tours to Americas

Viña del Mar

Location: Chile
This pleasant beach town lies on Chile's central coast and draws travelers to its waters, dunes and colorful disposition. Take in a surfing lesson or visit the famous poet Pablo Neruda's house in nearby Valparaíso.

San Carlos de Bariloche

Location: Argentina
Get ready for chocolate, lots of chocolate. And skiing the Andes. This is a Swiss-influenced escape in Argentina's Patagonia.

Lake Louise

Location: Alberta, Canada
Images of Banff National Park and Lake Louise are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Maybe it’s the jagged green forest trees or waters so blue the sky gets jealous, or maybe there’s just something majestic about being small in a place so expansive. Whatever it is, this area never fails to inspire. While you’re here, make time to see views from Johnston Canyon, Mt. Weed, Sulphur Mountain, and those iconic bright red chairs.

Visit Europe


Location: Sweden
The cultural, political, and economic center of the country, the city is one of the most beautiful capitals in all of Europe. Stroll along the cobblestone streets and beautiful waterfront in the medieval city center, or hop a boat and explore the surrounding 14 islands that comprise the archipelago. Don’t miss the renowned Vasa Museum, which houses an intact 16th-century ship that was recovered from the ocean floor.


Location: England
From the royal family to the iconic phone booths of yesteryear, London is a land that perfectly pairs history with modern times. Often draped in a misty fog cloud, this isle offers something for everyone.


Location: Spain
From hilltops to beaches, this vibrant city on the Mediterranean Sea offers the perfect blend of historic charm and modern convenience. Street art tours and a visit to Sagrada Familia Church reveal the influence of names like Gaudi and Dali.

Top Travel Tips For You

Pack light
Write down a list of essentials, cut it in half, and then only pack that! If you bring a small backpack, you won’t have much room for extra stuff anyways!
Take extra socks
You’ll lose a bunch to laundry gremlins, wear and tear, and hiking so packing extra will come in handy. I only take a few more than I need. Nothing beats a fresh pair of socks!
Travel by yourself at least once
You’ll learn a lot about yourself and how to become independent. It’s a cliché, but it’s true. Traveling solo taught me how to fend for myself, talk to people, and handle unfamiliar situations with ease. It’s made me comfortable with myself, helped me learn about what I’m capable of, and allowed me to be super selfish and do whatever I want!


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